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Are you looking for the absolute best Minden Louisiana walk in breakfast joint? If you are then you might as well not look any further than Geaux Fresh. They’re going to cook you the absolute best and freshest breakfast food that you can imagine. What they like to do is they like to take old favorites and make them new again. They also like to take old favorites that are somewhat unhealthy and make them healthy and taste delicious. To learn more about the Minden Louisiana walk in breakfast at Geaux Fresh give them a call by dialing 318-299-2359.

Another great service that Geaux Fresh offers on top of their Minden Louisiana walk in breakfast is there meals on-demand delivery service. They will make meals fresh and deliver right to your door. This saves you time and money. This also ensures that you are eating a much healthier more balanced nutrition plan. They want to make eating as easy as possible for you. It doesn’t get much easier than opening your door and cooking your food. I wouldn’t even call it cooking your food because your food is already cooked it is simply rewarming the food that has already been cooked for you.

They have raving reviews all you have to do is look at the testimonial page at This week’s meals include three different options that have been old favorites and rehashed for new favorites and with a healthy twist. Most of the meals that are created by Geaux Fresh are wheat, gluten, and dairy free. If they are not then, they can for sure substitute and make them that way. The meal plan for this week includes a delicious and nutritious healthy corn salad. It includes an upgraded healthy shrimp and fake grits recipe. You will have to visit the recipe page to learn more.

Geaux Fresh’s meal delivery service was created to fulfill a need in the Minden Louisiana area. There was a need for busy professionals and busy parents to have meals delivered right to their door so that they could spend more time with their kids and less time cooking and cleaning. Don’t you think you spend enough time cooking and cleaning and you like a little break? It’s time you took that break and spent more time with your kids or spent more time doing things that you would rather be doing. If you order the meal delivery service from Geaux Fresh, you will get at least a couple hours back every week.

Customer service is the number one priority for Geaux Fresh. They want to ensure that every single person that utilizes their meal delivery service or consumes their walk-in breakfast is 100% satisfied. More than just satisfied they want them to be wowed and pleased with the experience that they had. They will go out of their way to make sure that every single client enjoys the food that they are making. Visit to learn more and place your order.

Fresh Food in Minden Louisiana

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  Are you in the mood for delicious Minden Louisiana walk in breakfast? Do you want a home grown taste yet a healthy option? Do you want fresh ingredients and old favorites? The place that you need to go then is called Geaux Fresh. They will make your mouth water with the delicious food that they whip up for you. This place is one of the absolute best Minden Louisiana walk in breakfast places. To check for times that they are open give them a call at 318-299-2359.

Fresh vegetables, the finest meats, and the healthiest foods can all be found at the Minden Louisiana walk in breakfast joint Geaux Fresh.  At Geaux Fresh, they believe in only cooking with the freshest in-season ingredients as possible. They know that the food tastes so much better when it is fresh and in season. There is no question in their minds that fresh in season food is better food. This is the kind of breakfast joint that you want to be eating at. Gone are the days where you need to go to a fast food joint and here are the days where you have a perfect walk-in breakfast that is healthy and delicious.

You know how many breakfast items are delicious but unhealthy? Let’s take biscuits and gravy for example. You know there is nothing healthy or redeeming about biscuits and gravy except for the delicious taste that is. Well, the professional cooks at Geaux Fresh love the challenge of taking the delicious dishes such as biscuits and gravy and turning them into healthy delicious dishes. This doesn’t always work out of course . However, you will never taste the dishes that don’t make it past the taste test round. They want to ensure that they are providing amazing quality dishes that are helping people become healthier.

One of their mottos is fresh food is the best food. They understand the nutritional value of fresh food is far and above the nutritional value of non-fresh fruit. That is why they are always striving to cook with fresh food as much as they possibly can. Furthermore, they understand the taste of fresh food is significantly better than the taste of non-fresh food. If you want some of the absolute best food in Minden Louisiana then you have to try out the food that the marvelous chefs at Geaux Fresh cook up for you.

To find some of the best, freshest, and healthiest foods in Minden Louisiana look no further than Geax Fresh. you can learn more about them by visiting their website www.mygeauxfresh.comor calling them directly at 318-299-2359. It doesn’t matter how you slice it you need to get your hands on some of the delicious food that they cook. You can either go to their walking breakfast or you can order their fresh made meals delivered right to your door. A third service that they offer is their GeauxSweet category. They cook up some of the absolute best traditional cheesecake, caramel chocolate cheesecake, and red velvet brownies.

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